If the annulus is truly severed, or if there is little chance that the patient will get better with percutaneous nucleolysis, your surgeon will suggest an MED.

This technique implies a 24 hour hospital stay (that is, overnight admission), unless the operation takes place under local anaesthesia.

This is a real operation involving a 16 mm incision into the back. Then a retractor tube (working tunnel) is introduced, onto which the surgeon mounts a camera. The neurosurgeon follows the procedure on a TV monitor. Arriving at the pinched nerve and freeing it by removing the hernia takes approximately 30 minutes.

Micro-Endoscopische Discectomie of MED

This drawing shows the vertebra, the torn annulus fibrosus with the herniating nucleus, and then the MED technique with the retractor tube and camera, by means of which the surgeon can repair the hernia.

The disadvantage of this technique is that it is real surgery. The advantage is that the hospitalisation period is very short and that the results are very good (95% patient satisfaction rate after one year).