Occipital headaches can be attenuated by a series of three blocks of the occipital nerve with local anaesthesia and a corticosteroid. A complete block can be considered and performed by means of heating or freezing.

Facial pain: Occasionally a herniated intervertebral disc in the cervical region will cause facial pain, usually in combination with neck pain.

Neck pain : A herniated disc in the cervical region will usually initially cause neck symptoms, followed by radiating pain to the shoulder and/or the arm, even reaching as far as the fingertips.

The short videos below show the advantage of surgical treatment in which the intervertebral disc is replaced by a prosthesis intended to mimic the mobility of a healthy intervertebral disc to the greatest extent possible - in other words, the standard mobility of normal cervical vertebrae.

This is the standard mobility of normal cervical vertebrae.

If the disc is affected by arthritis, it is sometimes replaced with an "artificial disc" connecting two vertebrae to each other. This is called cervical arthrodesis (literally, a fusing of the joints).
This technique leads to good results as far as pain relief is concerned, and the video clearly shows how hard the disc above the "artificial disc" must work to keep the cervical vertebrae mobile.
This disc will therefore wear out more quickly, which merely postpones the problem.

Recently a real prosthesis was developed which mimics the movements and the shock absorbing function of a normal, healthy intervertebral disc.

With this prosthesis in place it is possible to achieve normal mobility of the cervical vertebrae without overstressing the adjacent intervertebral discs.

For further information, please refer to the brochure
'Fitting a prosthesis to treat a cervical disc hernia'