Electronen-microscopisch beeld van het Trabecular Metal Electronen-microscopisch beeld van het Trabecular Metal

Damaged segment (disc + articular processes). Currently, we can only perform arthrodesis, that is to say, the fusion of the entire mobile segment. This can be compared to the immobilisation of an arm or leg when it is broken and thus causes pain. By attaching a small plate or applying a plaster, the pain disappears. We also do this with a painful and worn back segment. It is immobilised. There are various therapeutic options for this. In essence, this comes down to movement no longer being possible in the segment (two vertebrae + disc + articular processes), resulting in significantly less pain. This technique can be applied over the whole spinal column. In our department, we have applied and still apply various techniques to see which one is best for each of you individually.

Most often we use Trabecular Metal. This is a new product that is made of Tantalum, a metal.

Figure 1 : Electron microscope image of Trabecular Metal

Figure 2 : Image of Trabecular Metal between the fifth lumbar vertebra and the sacrum.


The damaged segment is removed entirely.

The space between the two segments is restored by bringing in two blocks made of Tantalum.

PLIF fixatie

In some cases an extra fixation is needed.