After a year of searching and suffering through a lot of pain from my hernia, I found Dr. Van de Kelft. Simply standing, walking or cycling without pain was gradually becoming a distant memory. Enough to make you lose all hope. During our exploratory consultation and after the analysis of all of the data, Dr. Van de Kelft invited me to have a MED (Micro-endoscopic discectomy) procedure performed to remove a good-sized hernia. This hernia was the cause of inflammation in my back and hip as well as the cause of pressure on the nerves, resulting in pain in my lower leg. I was treated just one week later! The procedure occurred under general anaesthetic and was painless. One day after the procedure, I was allowed to stand up and walk a bit. I was released from the hospital 24 hours after I was admitted. The rehabilitation was very successful. I was happy to follow the physiotherapeutic advice I was given: Keep moving; take small walks and after 2 weeks, small bicycle trips. After 3 weeks, I noticed that there was something fundamental healing in my back; suddenly I was able to keep walking without running into a pain threshold - what a revelation! So I continued to work day after day on strengthening my back. The walks and bicycle trips became longer and faster. During the 5th week I already had planned some short and some longer walks in the Ardennes. I couldn't get enough of it. Four hours of walking in one day without pain made me decide that the rehabilitation was a success and that I could return to work.

Dr. Van de Kelft has given me the most wonderful gift—the ability to just simply be able to stand up, to walk and to cycle again without pain. After a year of pain and limited mobility, Dr. Van de Kelft knew to decide quickly and to provide me with precisely the right treatment. Successfully. For that I thank him very much!

G. L. (44 yrs.) – March 2009