Since this is a variable item, we would explicitly refer you to the "Patient Welcome Brochure" published by our Hospital.

Apart from the payment on account you will make when leaving the hospital, there will be nothing more to pay, not even to your surgeon.

The hospital costs bill will be sent to you later; it consists of:

  • The daily cost of the room.
    For a double room, the room cost as determined by the Ministry of Public Health will apply. This price is shown on a notice board in the Hospital's main hall and in your room. Your mandatory health insurance will reimburse most, but not all, of this cost.
  • Medication and implants.
    A flat amount of € 0.62 is credited on a daily basis for reimbursable medication. You will be fully responsible for the cost of non-reimbursable medication. You can get information from the surgeon about the cost of any implants or prostheses that may potentially become necessary. It is also best to check with your hospital insurance, as it is not self-evident that it will always reimburse the entire amount!
  • Doctors' fees (surgeon and anaesthetist and potentially radiologists or other doctors)
    Your personal co-payment in connection with doctors' fees depends on the type of procedure (degree of difficulty) and your choice of room. In most cases your hospital insurance will be prepared to reimburse these amounts, but check to be sure! Your surgeon can tell you the exact amount of his or her fees before the operation, so it's a good idea to ask.
  • Miscellaneous costs.
    Neurosurgery uses more and more disposable devices which by law can be used only once, but which are nonetheless relatively expensive.
  • Payments on account.
    They are usually made on discharge from hospital and consist mainly of room cost supplements (see item 4).

Upon discharge we ask you to fill in an evaluation form about your stay, our service, and our ward. This information is very important for us. We need your comments to be able to improve. If things are fine, you can also record this on the form. However, if there is a problem, tell your doctor immediately, don't wait for the evaluation form! It is then usually too late to fix the problem. Please know that we do everything we can to make your hospital stay as trouble-free as possible.

The neurosurgeons, nurses and physiotherapists of the Neurosurgery Department at the Nikolaas General Hospital wish you a speedy recovery and thank you for your trust.