December 21, 2008, it was the day I spontaneously got a bleeding in the brain. 3 operations were effected in four days' time. De thirth operation was very crucial, no one could tell if I were to wake up afterwards. Four weeks later, when I awoke from the coma, I could not remember a thing. Four weeks, among which the Christmass holidays, had been passed without me knowing. It certainly was very odd.

The only thing I felt, or more precisely, not felt was that I was paralysed at my entire left side. When the nurse of ICU told me, that I've had a bleeding in the brain, my sole reaction was: 'That's something for old people...'. I did not realise what had happened and I did not even have a clue of what was about to happen. I wanted, however hard it was, to learn everything again as fast as possible. Now, ten months later, I am still recovering in Pulderbos, but in a relatively short notice, I've learned to walk, cycle and swim again... I can even exercise my old hobbies: diving and being a leader in the youth movement. Despite my (temporarily?) resteiction(s) I can operate independently.

Dr. Van de Kelft has told me that I have two years' time to learn the things I used to do again. This is my motivation to persist and keep working to recover well.

I am very gratefull to all these people, especially to Dr.Van de Kelft, who never let an eye off me during my stay at the hospital. Many firndships have found their roots during this period with people I had never met before December 21.

L.S. - 17 years old