Eerste maal op consultatie

Do you have an appointment with Dr. Van de Kelft at the Neurosurgery clinic?

Please arrive at the hospital on time. First of all, you must report to the reception desk. Take a ticket and select 'consultatie' (consultation). Have your SIS card handy. When your number appears on one of the screens, proceed to the indicated counter. The person behind the counter will redirect you to the consultation together with your registration and several stickers. Hand over these documents to the reception desk of the Neurosurgery Department; this way the secretaries know that you have arrived. Then take a seat in the waiting room. Shortly, one of the secretaries will call your name and lead you to the doctor's consultation room.

If this is your first appointment with the doctor, the secretary will give you a list of questions. You can take the time to answer these in the waiting room and then give them to the doctor.

Please make sure to bring along all of the results of the examinations that have already been performed (RX, EMG, CT scan, NM scan) to your appointment. This information may be of importance to Dr. Van de Kelft and additionally, unnecessary examinations may be avoided.

Please remember that at the conclusion of the appointment, payment must be made in full. An invoice will not be sent to you at a later time.

If necessary, a new appointment for a consultation, an examination or a procedure will also be made at that time.